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While you sleep we locate your car.

Cardrops opens your trunk remotely the moment our trusted delivery partner arrives. We securely lock your car and keep you updated via SMS. No hassle, no worries.


We make you shine!

Driving around to pickup points and postal offices is so nineties, don't you think? With Cardrops we want you to just enjoy your new goodies.

E-commerce, what a hassle…
  • “2days in a row now I've missed my parcel! Fingers crossed tomorrow they will deliver when I'm at home!”

  • “Off to post office to pick up the parcel that apparently couldn't be delivered even though I was home! Grrrr royal fail!”

  • “NEVER order online from @IKEA_USA you can't track a package & they leave no way to retrieve it if u aren't home when they "deliver" it”

  • “So i got a package but need to wait until tomorrow to pick it up at the post office....Practicing my patience skills :-)”

  • “Royal Mail: sorry we missed you (due to you being in work) you can pick your parcel up during normal working hours...”

  • “So let me get this straight @parcelforce you expect me to go 1.5 miles to a post office to pick up parcel when YOU cocked up in 1st place?”

  • 30% packages are delivered at empty houses meaning, you have to wait another day and the delivery company takes a loss.

  • 1 in 2 e-shoppers admit that they have left work earlier (or took a holiday) to be at home to collect a parcel. A burden for all parties involved.

  • 1 in 10 companies are already taking measurement to stop the flooding of private parcel deliveries at receptionist.

Unless we all agree to stop buying stuff online we should stop this madness!

Here's the fix

Most people have a smart locker in front of the house: their car. Although we drive them around, cars are still parked 90% of their time. By tracking your daily parking routines our parcel-matching-platform is able to send delivery service to your four-wheeled locker. In front of your house, parked near your office or wherever your happen to be for a certain time.

  • 24/7 drop off service. Yes, we can deliver while you sleep. Forget office hours, closed lunch breaks or the few rush hours between work & sleep.

  • Frictionless delivery. Forget all the planning and hassle. The only thing you'll notice is the simple SMS: "Your package has arrived in your car. Have a wonderful day!"

  • You are in control. At every moment you can track both your package plus the location & status of your car. When it comes to privacy, you're in the drivers seat. If for any reason you want to snooze the tracking of your car, you can.

Effortless & convenient. That's our promise.


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  • 24/7 service
  • Free SMS notifications
  • Mobile App: car monitor

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  • Extra time
  • 24/7 service
  • Free SMS notifications
  • Mobile App: car monitor
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how it works

knowing where to deliver

Track a moving drop-off box!

A service man will install the Cardrops starter kit in your car. This unit will ping the GPS coordinates of the car when it hasn't moved for 15 minutes. Based on these data our system can create a heat map of the exact locations where your car is mostly parked. (e.g. in front of your house, office parking,…)

knowing when to deliver

A delivery success rates above industry average

Based on the daily and weekly routines of the car we can automagically predict ahead when your parcel can be delivered. We look 36 hours ahead and send a time slot and location to our delivery partner. If at the last moment the car would move we can abort the delivery and look into a new delivery-moment.

get further insights in this pilot run.

Feel free to contact us if your organization is interested in conclusions of the market research behind this new venture.

frequently asked questions
  • Do I need to install anything?
    Similar to an installation of a basic car alarm one of our service men will plug in a small unit near the driver seat. Our cardrops beacon links with the car in order to lock/unlock the trunk or doors.
  • Is this service compatible with my car?
    Not every but most modern cars are equipped with the necessary technology. While subscribing you'll be able to check if your car is compatible with the cardrops service.
  • Can you track me 24/7?
    Your mobile phone gives certain companies realtime info on your personal location. Our beacon will only broadcast the location of your car to our servers when the car is parked for at least 20 min. We track patterns of parking behavior in order to plan parcel deliveries. Delivery partners will only receive the current position of your car, limited in time in order to complete their task.

    You can snooze the tracking of your car at any time. While snoozed we can't deliver any packages.
  • What if anything happens to my car or belongings?
    Our professional service men and women will treat your car with the same care as hotel personnel. Our insurance policies are of the same standards as four star hotel services.
  • What type of goods can be shipped?
    Most compact and non-degradable goods can be delivered directly to your car. A bucket of chicken wings in a hot car is not the best idea. (Believe us, we tried.) Also don't expect to ship a new washing machine to your trunk but a clean shirt, your new iPhone, small pieces of art or a collection books will work out just fine. Every package will be packed discreetly in order to cover the contents.

A venture by Board of Innovation

Board of innovation is an international innovation consultancy based in Belgium. We bring companies new revenue by exploring alternative business concepts. We bring ideas to the table and assist in the launch of new ventures.

some clients we worked with: Ebay, La Poste, Volkswagen, Cisco

Get in touch if you want more info on our innovation process, training programs and speaking engagements.

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